Discipleship Class

John 8:31 …If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed…

In order to survive today new believers need to be taught to know and apply the Word of God, or they will be deceived and drawn away from the faith. Bible reading and exposition are all necessary for the child of God to breathe spiritually and grow spiritually. It is their foundation and their compass.

If new believers are to live by faith, it will take a conscious effort on the part of the spiritually responsible to show them how to live by faith rather than by their senses.

Discipleship is the care and keep of the “Born Again” spiritual babies. New church members need someone—not something—to help them because babies do not have any idea how to take advantage of anything given to them.

Babies need protection! They are very susceptible to falling. Ever notice how paranoid parents can be around their baby when it looks like it’s going to lurch out of it’s infant seat? Instantly, their hands are there to stabilize the baby or catch it before it falls. Imagine if every babe in Christ would have four Christian hands reaching out in love to make sure when the new believer falls, they will not hurt themselves. They need to be protected from falling in dangerous places spiritually and taught to stay in a safe environment. New church members like babies need someone who understands where they are in their development and takes pride in their progress.

We at Faith Mountain believe that when a new believer does something right, the whole church ought to cheer. These graduates from Discipleship class are given graduation certificates. By completing the Discipleship class they are well on their way to becoming great people for God because having loving parents and a good home to get off to a good start does make a difference.

Faith Mountain Curriculum:

Lesson plan – 15 weeks

Title: “Beginning The Journey”


  1. Identifying With the Gospel
  2. Your Church Family
  3. Gods Word
  4. Prayer
  5. Faithfulness
  6. Your Pastor
  7. Character and Holiness
  8. The Family
  9. Who Is God
  10. Your Future