Our Pastor

It is impossible to say anything about Brother Bertram that could express our feelings of love that we have towards him. We appreciate him more than words can say. We know that he is our gift from God, our spiritual father, our shepherd, and the steward of our church. He is a pastor to pastors, a man who preaches the truth without compromise, and perhaps most importantly, lives what he preaches. We appreciate his vision for Southern California and for Pentecost.

Over the years, we’ve learned from our Pastor – contrary to popular opinion – that the bigger the vision, the easier it is to reach that vision, and, ultimately, the size of our vision should be determined by the size of our God. How big do you think God is? The issue is not who do you think you are, but who do you think God is? In your dreams for your family, fellowship, overall life and ministry, don’t limit yourself by saying, “What can I do?” Instead ask, “What can God do in this place?”

We consider ourselves richly blessed to have Brother Bertram as our Pastor!

Our First Lady

Sister Bertram heads the music ministry and musical drama for Faith mountain and is an accomplished musician and singer. She also runs the daily administrative duties of the church and integrates with all ministry levels. Sister Bertram has a mothers heart, she is always the first to hold the new babies in the church, as well as caring for 3 children of her own.

Pastor Bertram has full confidence in her. The two of them are a team—truly one in mutual respect, in goals for their family, and responsibility in the ministry.

We love you, Sister Bertram!